Costume Work

Porrim Maryam (Homestuck)


Since this character only appears a handful of times, either from the waist up or in a minimalistic "sprite" format, I had to take some artistic liberties when interpreting her design into a wearable form. The appliqued pattern along the neckline and sides of the gown is inspired by the Virgo zodiac sign, which the character is associated with. The completed costume was worn for a cosplay competition in April 2022 and won Best in Show. (image credit:

Photo by Eddie B Photography

Ellsee Raines (Vast Error)


This costume included my largest and most complex prop build to date: a staff, roughly 6 feet tall from end to antler tip, with a glowing skull. The body of the staff was made from PVC pipe and the skull came from a Halloween decoration which I modified and installed LEDs inside of. The antler and "neck" of the staff are sculpted from EVA foam. (image credit:

Fantasy Peasant Costume


I designed this look for myself to wear to The Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, Wisconsin during the summer of 2021. The bodice, skirt, kerchief, and shoes were made by me, and I dyed the blouse. My main inspiration was the fabric used in the bodice, which I first saw online. The use of floral emboidery within squares reminded me of vintage handkerchiefs, which I purchased a large quantity of secondhand to make the skirt.

Painted Waistcoat


This garment was made as my final project in a historical menswear class I took in spring of 2021. The waistcoat was made from canvas, which I then embellished with handpainted roses, morning glories, and peonies.